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Carlo's Scribe Post- Textbook 4,5 and 8

4)For 4 A what I did was I divided 20 and 100 then I got 0.2After that I multiply 0.2 to 60 so my final answer is 12.

B) For 4 B what I did was the same thing as 4 A. I divided 250 to 100 and I get 2.4 and then I multiply 2.4 to 400 so my final answer is 1000


For 4 C I did it the different way what I did was a proportion statement so what I did was I wrote 10.50 and divided it by 100 and get 0.105 same thing to the bottom I divided it by 100. After I got the answer I took 0.105 and multiply it by 100 and get the final answer of 10.5.

5) For 5 A what I did was I took 2,5 and divided it together so then I get 0.4 then after I divided 0.4 to 100 and get 0.004, after I multiply 0.004 to 32.5 and the answer of 1.3.

B) For 5 B what I did was the same thing with 5A but I didn't move any decimals.

C)For 5 C is pretty much the same thing as what I did earlier. You divide 175 to 100 and get 1.75 then after that I multiplied 1.75 to 25.50 and get $219.625.

8) What I did for 8 was a ratio table, First thing I did was 100 divide by 4 then I get 25, 100 divide by 100 then I get 1 and the last what I divide 1 by 2 and get 1/2. The same thing to the other side what ever you do to the one side, you do the same thing on the other side so my final answer is $21.42.

Comment If I did something wrong! Thank you (:

John's Scribe Post-Textbook 10, 13 and 14

10) When water freezes, its volume increases
by approximately 10%.
a) By how much does the volume of a) 10
-- = 0.1 0.1x750=75mL
750 mL of water increase when it 100

b) What is the volume of ice created? b) 825mL

14) 4% of 100 is the same as 8% of what
number? Explain how you arrived at
your answer.

I arrive at 4% is half of 8% and 50 is half of 100

13) Suppose a real estate agent receives 5%
commission on the fi rst $200 000 of a
house’s selling price, and 6% on the
remaining amount.
a) What does commission mean? a) Commission is the portion of the sale price that the real estate agent earns.

b) If a house sells for $345 000, how
much commission does the real estate
agent make on the sale of the house? b) $18 700

Comment if I did something wrong.

Sarissa's Scribe Post - Textbook questions 3,7&11

Pages 142-143
Questions 3,7 & 11

a) 300/100 =3 b) 1.25/100=0.0125
3x 2000 = 6000 0.0125x 60= 0.75

c) 1/100=0.001
0.001x 40= 0.4

a)If there were 100 tickets there would be a 1% chance of winning with one ticket. So, 1/2 = 0.5 or 0.5%

b)If there is a 0.5% chance of winning with one ticket you would have to buy 5 tickets to have a 2.5% chance.

6.5 x 9 984 670 = 64 900 355 km2

JM's Scribe Textbook 4.3 # 6,10,14

Page 142 - 143
Numbers 6,10,14




10. A
I'm not sure how to do this so I've tried
Sorry =(

4% of 100
8% of 200

I arrived at my answer because 4% x 2 = 8%
100 x 2 = 200

If I did something wrong help me out, comment. =)

Ayra's Scribe Post 5, 9, 11

* 5. Determine the percent of each number.

Give your answer to the nearest hundredth.*

a) 1.3 b) approximately 144.88 c) $219.63


9. The highest point in Canada is Mount Logan, which is in the Yukon Territory. Mount Logan is 159% as high as the highest point in Alberta, Mount Columbia. The elevation of Mount Columbia is 3747 m. What is the elevation of Mount Logan?

answer - 5957.73 m


11. The area of Canada is approximately 9 984 670 km2. The area of Manitoba is about 6 1/2% of the area of Canada.

What is the area of Manitoba to the nearest square kilometre?

answer - approximately 649 004 km2.


Here is a video: Enjoy!

*Sorry if the fractions don't look like fractions.*

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Kate's Pay it Forward

Part 1

Pay it forward means doing good things to other people and making a difference for their life.

Part 2

My Pay It Forward is an act of kindness to help Charry’s auntie's friend who's disabled. we did this with my partner Charry Mangaya. We decided what are we going to do. We chose this activity because we like to help (old) people with disabilities. We helped Precilla Malla, we call her tita (auntie) Malla, she's 59 years old, and she’s disabled with psoriasis arthritis and diabetes since 2003. We asked her what we can do for her. We did this act of kindness last November 13, 2011 at 11:30 A.M to 3:30 P.M.

Part 3

Our act of kindness went well. First Charry introduced me to her; we asked her "what can we do for her?”

We saw her kitchen, there's a lots of dirty dishes. So, we washed it, we cooked rice for her, we swept the floor, we cleaned her table. We saw her bedroom and she asked us is it okay to help her fold some of her clothes and we said “yes we can". We noticed that her bedroom is crowded with her things and a little bit messy; I told her that we can do some "interior designing to her bed room ". We moved some stuff, while we're cleaning up; we were talking and sharing stories like her experience when she's young. We're done at that time. We asked permission, if we can take a video and a photo to her. She approved. She was so happy when she saw her bedroom was all cleaned up. She told us that she's going to pay but we told her that it’s okay because we did this for free and she doesn't have to pay us .She's so thankful to us . She wants us to visit and to come back if we have a free time. Charry and I had so much fun . were so happy because we make her so happy and Charry and I helped each other to take pictures and videos and to help Tita Malla.

Part 4

Pay it forward is important because you share good things to others with the intension to make a difference not only to their life’s but to yourself as well .

Here's the link for our Pay It Forward Video.

Gielh's home work book questions Scribe post

5) The commission for the sale of a house was 6 and 3 fourths %. IF the house sold for $345 000 how much was the commission?

How I got the answer: I divided 6.75 by 100 then i got the decimal number which
is 0.0675. I multiplied 0.0675 by 345000 then i got 23287. The commission is $23287.

7 a) Miguel Bought a car for $4700. He made a down payment of 19 1/2%. How much was the down payment
How I got the answer : I divided 19.5 by 100 so I got a decimal number which is 0.195. I multiplied 0.195 by 4700 and I got 916.5. So Miguel's down payment was $ 916.50.

b) about 5.6% of Canadians have type 2 diabetes . IF Canada's population is 32 million , About ho
w many Canadians have this Condition?

How I got the answers: I divide 5.6 by 100 so then I got a decimal number which is 0.056. I multiplied 0.056 by 32 million and then I got 1.792 million Canadians have diabetes.

c) the 4900 - seat hockey arena was 63% full. How many people were at the game?

How I got the answer : I divide 63 by a 100 then I got a decimal number which is o.63 % . I multiplied 0.63 by 4900 and i got 3087. So 3087 people .

8)The Nile river is about 209% the length of the Yukon River. If the Yukon River is 3168 km , How long is the Nile River ( to the nearest km?)

How I got the Answer : I Divide 209 by 100 so then I got a decimal number 2.09. Then I multiplied 2.9 by 3168 which is 6621.12 %

*I divided by 100 first because a percent is out of a 100.

Here is a video of how to find a percent of a number :

Hey guys I'm sorry If my writing was bad .

Sarah's Scribe: Math Homework Book Answers (4.3, questions 6, 4)

4. What is the percent of each number? Give you answer to the nearest hundredth.

Step 1 : Find out what 1/5% is as a decimal. To do this we take 1 and divide it by 5 that equals 0.2% (1 ÷ 5 = 0.2)

Step 2 : Then find out what 0.2% is as a decimal. To do this we take 0.2 and divide it by 100, that equals 0.002. (0.2 ÷ 100 = 0.002)

    Step 3 : Then you take 0.002 and multiply that by 630. And your answer is 1.26.


Step 1 : Find out what 7/8% is as a decimal. To do this we take 7 and divide it by 8 that equals 0.875% (7 ÷ 8 = 0.875)

Step 2 : Then add 23 with 0.875. (23 + 0.875 = 23.875)

Step 3 : Then find out what 23.875% is as a decimal. To do this we take 23.875 and divide it by 100, that equals 0.23875 (0.23875 ÷ 100 = 0.23875)

Step 4 : Then you take 0.23875 and multiply that by 300. And your answer is 71.625 (0.23875 x $356.80 = 71.625)

Step 5 : Round 71.625 to the nearest hundredth. (71.625 ≈ 71.63)


Step 1 : Find out what 245% is as a decimal. To do this we take 245% and divide it by 100, that equals 2.45 (245 ÷ 100 = 2.45)

Step 2 : Then you take 2.45 and multiply that by $356.80. And your answer is 874.16 (0.23875 x $356.80 = $874.16)


Step 1 : Find out what 3/4% is as a decimal. To do this we take 3 and divide it by 4 that equals 0.75% (3 ÷ 4 = 0.75)

Step 2 : Then add 68 with 0.75. (68 + 0.75 = 68.75)

Step 3 : Then find out what 68.75% is as a decimal. To do this we take 68.75 and divide it by 100, that equals 0.6875 (68.75 ÷ 100 = 0.6875)

Step 4 : Then you take 0.6875 and multiply that by 700. And your answer is 501.875 (0.6875 x 700 = 501.875)

Step 5 : Round 501.875 to the nearest hundredth. (501.875 ≈ 501.875)


Step 1 : Find out what 360% is as a decimal. To do this we take 360% and divide it by 100, that equals 3.60 (3.60 ÷ 100 = 3.60)

Step 2 : Then you take 3.60 and multiply that by $129.95. And your answer is $467.82 (3.6 x  $129.95 = $467.82)


6. Table salt is a chemical compound of sodium and chlorine. Recommended daily intake is about 1700mg. If Canadians consume 182% of this amount on average, how much sodium is one person eating daily?

Step 1: Find out what 1% of 1700mg is. To do this, you take 100% and divide by 100 (100  ÷ 100 = 1)

Step 2 : Then divide 1700mg by 100 (1700 ÷ 100 = 17)

Step 3 : Then take 1% and multiply it by 182, to get 182%. (1% x 182 = 182) 

Step 4: Then multiply 17mg by 182 as well. (17mg x 182 = 3094)

Here is a LINK to game to help your understanding of finding a Percent of a Number.

Here is a video to help your understanding of finding a Percent of a Number.

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Casey's Scribe: 4.3 Show You Know

1) 350% of $10

2) 0.1% of $5000

3) 2 1/10% of $20000

4) 160% of $53.27

5) 3/4% Of 135

6.) 55 8/10% of 500

Here are some links that might help:

Thursday, November 24, 2011


At the MTS center we heard some amazing speakers and we heard some pretty awesome singers. I had so much fun watching my favorite speaker Spencer west talk to us about his life and how he grew up with no legs. the things i liked the most about we day was the fact that i was chosen to make a difference. we did the we day dance more than twice and that was so much fun and an amazing experience for me. my first weday this year and i hope i can help change the poverty rate and help in some way so cild soilders will have the right to speake upfor their selvs and make their own decissions. the MTS center was filled with 16 thousand youth that are willing to change the world. ARE YOU ONE OF THEM? i am and i promise that on nov. 30th to take the vow of silence for 24 hrs and I would really like it if you would join in to give child soulders the right to speak nd the freedom to act like thier selves.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We Day

Today, on November 23,2011, I got to experience a life changing event. There were a lot of speakers talking about how we, kids, adults, teenagers, and well, basically everyone can make a difference to this world. 16 000 attended the life changing event, We Day. I will now share what I remember.

There was a girl named Hannah Taylor. When she was six years old, she saw a man eating food from a garbage can, and wanted to change that. So at the age of eight, she decided to make her fundraiser on the homeless people and people in need of food.

Just follow your heart.
-Hannah Taylor
Rick Hansen, he's in a wheelchair, but that didn't stop him to give up on life. He is known as the " Man in motion ". He wanted to be in the Olympics doing physical activities with his legs but at the age of 15 he got into a car accident and got paralysed from the waist down. He began racing in wheelchair marathons. Rick Hansen is a leader because the things he does allows people to believe in themselves.

If enough of us choose to change even one small thing, together we have the power to change anything.
-Rick Hansen

Michel Chikwanine. When he went onto the stage, the things he told, without using his voice, wanted to make me shed into tears. He held us signs, saying..
Sign 1: "Hi my name is Michel. "
Sign 2: "One day, while playing soccer, a group of armed rebels abducted me.
Sign 3: "They took me to their camp"
Sign 4: "And cut my wrists."
Sign 5: " While bleeding, they rubbed gun powder and cocaine on my wounds."
Sign 6: " Then, they made me hold a gun."
Sign 7: " And they yelled."
Sign 8: " shoot! ... SHOOT!
Sign 9: " They made me shoot my best friend."
Sign 10: "His name was Kevin."
Sign 11: "I was forced to be a child soldier."
Sign 12: "I was silenced along with 300 000 other children."
Sign 13: "For children who are silenced by poverty and exploitation."
Sign 14: "I ask you to join me."
Sign 15: " In total silence. Please now all rise. And stand up for those who have no voice."
*everyone gets up, and Michel covers his mouth*

ON NOVEMBER 30,2011 Stand up for children's rights, and join the Vow of Silence. What you basically do is not talk, no phones, no computer, no communication to other people. We stay silent because we stand up for those who have no voice, who aren't aloud to speak for their-selves because they are facing something really difficult in their life.

We Day

We Day is an annual event organized by the charity, Free The Children. The first We Day in Winnipeg happened on November 23, 2011. 16000 people attended this event at the MTS center to celebrate the achievements of those who have made a difference and made the global community better. It was an event the has empowered the youth to be the change they want to see in the world. It was such a huge honor to go to We Day. It was very inspiring and fun. It was one of the most memorable and best experience ever. I will never forget We Day. There were a lot of wonderful and inspiring speakers like, Marc and Craig Kielburger, Spencer West, Michel Chikwanine, Al Gore, Paul Martin, Mia Farrow, Rick Hansen, Hannah Taylor and many, many more. They each told us their "we story" and their experiences of changing the world.

One of the many speakers that really captured my attention was Michel Chikwanine and his story. He told us his "we story" not by speaking but by placards. He is taking "The Vow of Silence" for those who's freedom and rights have been taken away. For the children who's lives are the complete opposite of ours. For the children who's right to an education and childhood is taken away. On November 30, 2011, 24 hours of silence in solidarity with children who are being silenced by poverty and exploitation. Michel is a former child soldier. When Michel Chikwanine was 5 years old, he was kidnapped and drugged. He was given a gun and was forced to kill his own best friend, Kevin.

Spencer West was another speaker. At the age of 5 he lost his legs due to genetic disease. Spencer was bullied and was told he would never be a functioning member of society. He was told it would be impossible to live a normal life, considering he couldn't do something as simple as stand up straight or kick a ball. They were wrong. Spencer is respected, known, valued and loved. He is always standing tall. He overcame the bullying and his disability. He spoke about how he never lost hope and courage.
"Redefine Possible" -Spence West

Another speaker is Rick Hansen. He suffers from spinal cord injury waist down because of a car crash at age 15. He overcame his disability and proved he can achieve his dream. Rick is best known for his Man In Motion World Tour, where he traveled the world in his wheelchair. Rick did not give up on hope, he did many things that anyone can do, including bungee jumping, except he did it in a wheelchair.
"If enough of us choose to change even one small thing, together we have the power to change anything." -Rick Hansen

All the amazing, inspiring, and wonderful speakers at We Day really encouraged all of us to make a difference.
Throughout the day, we kept repeating two words, "WE ARE!!" It was a respond to many questions like, "Who is willing to make a difference?" "who is the change?".
If it wasn't for Craig Kielburger starting the Free The Children campaign and for those who stood with/by him, there wouldn't be a We Day.

"Never Underestimate the Power of WE"
"We day is more than a one day event. It launches a year long series of actions to better our global community"
"Be the change you want to see in the world" -Gandhi

Big thank you to everyone who helped to make this amazing event possible for us.

We Day

We Day~

Today was the first ever We Day held at Winnipeg in the MTS center. This is a once in a life time experience and opportunity to be able to arrive to this memorable experience, but this isn't the same feeling I have, I bet all people that got to experience this opportunity had the exact same feeling as me. I would also include how the motivational speaker's words, actions, videos, gestures, and emotion moved the whole audience to stop and think about making differences and how lucky we are.

At the MTS center some of the people there that gave passionate speeches were Chief Shawn Atleo, Al Gore, Rick Hansen, Hannah Taylor, Mia Farrow, Spencer West, Michel Chikwanine, and last but not least Marc and Craig Kielburger then main reason everything and everyone is here right now developing and changing the world. But it wasn't just them there were other people.. those people were 16 000 youth of children and teachers and in that 16 000 there were 30 kids from our school chosen and 5 teachers to come as well.

  • Spencer West

Spencer West was there to tell us about how no matter who you are you can do anything. Just like how he himself and his parents believed that he can walk without feet. Also that anything can happen to anyone. Next year his friends and himself are going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money to make a difference as well.

  • Hannah Taylor

Hannah Taylor is a great is example of Craig, because she was also little when she decided to stand up and take chances to make a difference in the world just by one incident she saw. She made several organizations to help the poor and the people going through starvation.

  • Rick Hansen

Rick Hansen was there to help people with spinal cord injuries because of an accident he had that made him paralyzed on the waist down. He made people just like him to stay confident and to continue living your life because there is never an end to anything.

  • Michel Chikwanine
Michel Chikwanine was there by communicating with us by using big flash cards saying what he experienced. While he was playing soccer these group of people kidnapped him and cut his wrists and put gun powder and drugs in his wounds. Then they gave him a gun and constantly screeched "SHOOT!" They told him to shoot his one and only best friend and he did... his name was Kevin. After, he was asked to become a child soldier and he couldn't stand up for himself in any way.


  • Craig and Marc Kielburger

Lastly I would like to talk about the leaders and the beginning of everything created about we day.... Craig and Marc Kielburger. Craig was the same age as us when he decided to make a stand when he read about a boy and how he was murdered for trying to make a difference. Then he told his class to make a stand, then school, then the city, then all of a sudden he got the whole world to participate and make a difference to help people who are less fortunate. They also showed that "No matter the age, or the height you can make a difference."